Volunteer Health
Professionals, Inc.


VHP is working in the following locations:

Since 1994 some of the medical and dental service equipment and supplies have been provided by VHP on the island of Jamaica in the West Indies. The Priory and St. Mary's infirmaries as well as the St. Ann's Bay Health Center have been ongoing recipients of dental, dental hygience and nursing care. This year another call for service and supplies has come to VHP. If you want to donate funds to help purchase dental supplies and equipment, donate through PayPal above.
The Fiji project is targeting a new medical clinic, education center and agricultural activities on the Fijian island of Kadavu. Property has already been secured near the village of Tiliva, and this project is well under way. When completed, this project will provide much needed medical care to the island's nearly 10,000 inhabitants. lf you want to donate funds to purchase construction supplies for the clinic, school, and gardening, donate through PayPal above.
We have so many orphaned children who need our help. These children have no hope of an education, nor have they access to medical care. You can help by sponsoring children. We are in cooperation with Bangladesh Christian School Sponsorship America to help. Sponsorship of an orphan costs $35.00 a month. A boarding school student costs $25.00 a month. A village school student costs $10.00 a month. Donate through PayPal above to sponsor a child.

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