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Here's the latest information.

In the last couple of years, the property has been surveyed, water pipes are installed and the first building has been erected. A garden has also been planted to supply food. Plans are in place, and we are ready to move ahead.
Now we need funds to further this project. Electricity is badly needed. We have plans in place for electricity supply and have already been in talks with people to supply a state of the art power generator.
Above: View from the proposed medical clinic site.

Right: The need is great. Not long ago two mothers died while attempting to give birth simply because there was no medical services close enough. We plan to bring the clinic to where the people are. This can be done by using portable equipment and a medical boat ambulance.

Below: Some of the portable medical/dental equipment that needs funding for the clinic.
The Fiji project is targeting a new medical clinic, education center and agricultural activities on the Fijian island of Kadavu. Property has already been secured near the village of Tiliva, and this project is well under way. When completed, this project will provide much needed medical care to the island's nearly 10,000 inhabitants.
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Right: Unpacking solar panels, generators, and more for the Fiji property from the boxes brought by the freighter (above).
Below: Schematic for wind and solar energy to generate power for the Fiji medical clinic.